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Discover the video ad strategy anyone can use to grow their business without spending money on ads or agencies  - how to come up with great ideas, film them and edit them into video REELs that generate long term organic traffic.  


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Times have changed. Again.  

Times are changing fast, businesses that can be self-reliant will flourish, and those who can't will be in trouble.

2023 Short Form Video (YT Shorts, FB Reels, IG Reels, TikTok) content is the NEW - HOTTEST and BEST - way to get eyeballs on your business. 

In the last few years, ads were the best way to get new customers and organic marketing was almost dead.

So I teamed up with AJ - aka - AJKICK101 who has grown a 40k following on Instagram and is a REEL Ninja. 

Best of all it costs you nothing to create these short form videos. 
No agency - no ad spend. 

Ads for local businesses especially are increasingly costly and less effective. 

Short Form Video Content AKA REEL Magic can be produced with your phone - and you can have an endless stream of new content - without constantly monitoring ads. 

My name is Christopher Perilli - I believe I can help you.

In this live Workshop, AJ and I will go over three things that will change your business and save you a lot of money.

  • How to come up with a killer video ideas for short form video that is all the rage right now.
  • Film the video with your phone and edit it quickly and easily.
  • Upload measure and engage so you stay on the right track.

You only need a phone. A laptop. A pen and some paper.

You don't need to pay an agency 1500 per month to deliver substandard leads and make weak content that doesn't reflect your brand.

Organic traffic especially REELs are meant to get in front of people you DO NOT KNOW. 

That means a bigger audience, more connection, more customers, and it doesn't cost you any money - except sweat and elbow grease. 

The amazing part of building organic traffic is it lives forever, and over time it actually continues to increase engagement.

Ads fatigue. Reels live on forever. 

No one will care about or sell your business like you.

I believe that taking control of your marketing is the #1 thing you should do if you want to double your business and future-proof it against changing tides.

I can show you how to do this yourself, save money - and not have to pay an agency ridiculous cash. 

97 bucks.

That's it. No timer, only 200 seats to keep it intimate. A live workshop. You get the recordings if you miss it.

I can help you save that money. And give you a skill no one can ever take away. No govt, no person - nothing. 

If that interests you - hop into the workshop and I will see you on the inside.

Christopher Perilli

 Only $97

No Fake Scarcity, No Timer. 

A complete transformation and system on using video ads for Social Media Reels. 

An education that will pay you - forever - unlimited amounts of money if you master A simple video strategy that has helped businesses grow without spending money on ads

  • Easy to follow and understand¬†no fluff, no geek speak
  • Simple understanding of strategy, Video Creation, Hashtags, Metrics
  • How to come up with epic ideas
  • simple video strategies to use in outstanding ways
  • Trusted by many high operating coaches world wide
  • Save yourself at least 1500 a month on ad costs and agencies
  • Cut out the confusion and worry
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What are we saying, Who are we saying it to, and what do we want them to do after they watch your reel? We outline everything we are going to do in the next 2 phases. 


Here we get down to brass tacks and start creating. Filming with a phone and then editing it.

PHASE 3 - 

We peel back the curtain and get under the hood on how to upload videos, timing, hash tags, measuring, and metrics so you know what works - to do more of and what works and less of what does not - So you are never guessing. 

Look at these stats!

Some recent stats on both of our accounts that are from REELS and organic video - aka REEL Magic. 

The Coaches

Live Workshop Coaches

Angela Jordan - AJ - @ AJKICK101

Martial artist, instructor, Actress, Producer, Content Creator, Stuntwoman, Black Belt - Instagram Influencer

Christopher Perilli

CEO of Pixel Mobb / Dojo Muscle - Artist, Producer, Designer, Writer, Musician, Dog Lover

"Thank You Chris, You literally Opened My Eyes To A Whole Other Income Stream!" 




We Created direct to consumer online sales strategy and production for Wu-Tang Clan Members - Ghost Face Killah and Inspectah Deck


We created 5 of Mike Boyles programs for this legend coach


We created 6 of Joe's top selling online programs

Don't Drown In Ad Costs. Make Reels. Fast. Live Workshop. 

There is absolutely no better time than right now to become completely self reliant and a master of your own fate through understanding and controlling your marketing. Which is the lifeblood of your business. Without knowing this skill you will forever be left at the mercy of service providers - who care mostly about their pocket - and not your business. I can help you save that money. 

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