Discover The Entire Process Of Creating Videos With Your Mobile Phone That Will Attract Customers Like a Magnet. The Video Authority Will Walk You Through EVERYTHING! Lights. Cameras. Equipment. Planning. Editing. Step By Step. So You Can Make Videos That Get Massive Attention Without Stress, Quickly While Having Fun.

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The Video Authority Will Give You The Tools To Create Videos With Your Mobile Phone That People Will Love.

Hello Entrepreneurs,

There has never been a new opportunity for entrepreneurs like this before. 
If you are online, then you want to get as much attention as possible. 

Content creation is king. 

Using video is the absolute best, most affordable and engaging way to do it. 

You have in your hand or your pocket right now the key to radically change your business forever. 

Your mobile phone!
Over the last decade, I've learned the tips, secrets and hacks on how to get attention with videos.

I have personally coached business owners make killer videos on their own to to become an authority in their field and have fun doing it. 

When you take the guesswork out of it, it becomes enjoyable to create videos that speak to so many people. It's sort of like dancing. 

Videos that inspire and connect with people that build the trust and credibility you need for others to buy from you. 
At  Pixel Mobb Academy my parent company, we create videos that help sell millions of dollars in sales each year for our clients.  
I am going to show you how to create videos that get attention and help you compress days of struggle and stress into hours of joy and fun! 
The Future Is Mobile Video. Both In Viewing And In Creation.
The ability to use your mobile phone to create high quality video changes the entire game and levels the playing field. 
Video now makes up almost 50% of all viewed mobile content. That number is growing each year.
The cost to run a Facebook video ad is pennies on the dollar with a result far greater than anything I have ever seen in 10 years. 

Pin point accurate targeting on multiple social media platforms has allowed you to connect with your market anywhere in the world. 
People all over the world are using video online right this moment to make money. 
Video is powerful. 

But not all video is created equal.
Have you created video in the past that didn’t have the impact you wanted? 

I help so many business owners with this same problem. 

I spent a decade learning how to create videos people love. 

I watched tons of tutorials, and learned from some of the best and read everything I could get my hands on. And one day it hit me.  

I realized. I am doing too much. There was so much information overload. 

And I had an epiphany. 

"It's not that complicated!"
When I finally stripped back everything and started to apply a few key principles it started to work! 

Back then the cameras we used cost thousands of dollars, and the media to store the footage cost even more. 

The computers were super slow and it took weeks to build good videos. 

Now with your mobile phone all of that has been turned upside down and you have the power of a high quality camera in your pocket. 
Your laptop is a supercharged video creation machine. 
This is why we created the Video Authority.
Even if you have never edited video before, this product gives you a blueprint so you will never struggle again.
If you want to look like an expert, an authority in your field, The Video Authority will give you the tools to succeed.  It will give you the tools to make videos people love.
 Let me show you how to make videos that are fun to create. 

Learn how to create videos that people will love and share, all with your mobile phone. 
Christopher Perilli
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What The Video Authority Does: 

  • Guides You To Create Videos That Get Insane Attention Using Your Mobile Phone

  • Confidence In Your Ability To Create Videos That Resonate With People

  • Helps you Avoid The Big Mistakes That Cause Most People To Quit Before They Get Start

  • The Real SECRET To What It Takes To Make Professional Looking Videos In Record Time Without The Hassle

  • How To Plan, Film And Create Videos That Work, Even If You Had No Prior Experience

  • Escape From The Stress And Worry Of Spending Time And Not Getting Results With Your Videos

  • Discover The Secrets The Pros Use To Make Videos That Make Millions Of Dollars Each Year

  • STOP Worrying About If You Will Look Silly On Camera Or Bore Your Audience

Here's How it Breaks Down:

  • 10 plus years of experience in video production creating some of the top selling fitness products on the market at your disposal
  • 24 highly specialized broken down video modules to get you making killer videos immediately
  • Over 6 hours of content broken down in different phases so you can learn at your own pace
  • A complete break down of each stage of the creation process and cover the why at every point
  • A 20-page manual complete with how to's and more information
  • Hours of complete walk throughs of the filming stage of each video
  • We take you completely through 3 types of very popular videos to show you how simple it is for you to do
  • Over 3 hours of editing walk throughs and screen records in iMovie, Screen Flow and Premiere Pro so you will never get lost again
  • A section of mindset videos so you can not only understand what to do physically but also mentally prepare yourself for your own productions
  • A sample Shot list and Story Board template
  • A full equipment list to purchase whatever products you need
  • 1-hour Skype call with myself and master of online marketing John Spencer Ellis
  • and a webinar call replay video we field a ton of questions and answer

Plus Bonuses

  • A Story Board Template in PDF format so you can build your own story boards
  • A Shot List Outline to reference in building your own shot list in multiple file formats (Word, PDF, Pages)
  • A Talent Release form so you never have to worry about someone having an issue with you filming them, also in multiple file formats (PDF, Word, Pages)
  • A Special Message from me to you if you want to take your business even further
  • Access to the private Video Authority Facebook Group where you get real time access to me with any questions you may have as well as continued tips and techniques I will share

Completely new student side learning experience. An easy way to learn, stay on track and come back to where you left off.

Here is how the product breaks down:

Module 1 - Introduction

In this module we go over exactly what you will be getting into learning and doing. In this product we go over how to create killer videos with your mobile phone so you can get more attention and make more money.

Module 2 - Equipment

In this module we discuss all of the amazing pieces of equipment available to you and the ones we used to film most of the videos we created in The Video Authority. There is a break out section for both Apple and Android phones along with Microphones and sound equipment.

Module 3 - Planning

Planning is one of the biggest parts of creating great video and content. With a plan the stress gets lifted. We go over how to create a iron-clad plan so you know exactly what to do when recording your videos.

Module 4 - Production

This module is where we get into the meat and potatoes of recording video. We walk you through a step by step approach and best practices, as well as 3 different types of video walk throughs. To show you exactly what to do when recording videos.

Module 5 - Post Production

Post production is a long name for editing and finishing your videos. This section is a hearty one. With screen records of how to use iMovie, Screenflow, and Premiere Pro. It shows you how to edit, edit to music, refine sound, fix color, add effects and transitions, add titling and export your videos.

Module 6 - Skype Call with John Spencer Ellis

This section we hop on a Skype call with John Spencer Ellis my partner in this product as well as my mentor and coach to talk about how he’s been able to use video and techniques online to build an 8 figure business.

Module 7 - Mindset Chats

These are short videos that walk you through the mental aspect of dealing with the unpredictable nature of recording any type of videos and the mental preparation you should have to take away the stress and make it fun while you create great videos.

Module 8 - Bonus

This section we have a bonus video and templates and documents for you to use to build, create, plan, produce and finish videos that will make get you more attention and ultimately make you more money.

Here are some statistics to think about:

  • 50% of online video accounts for 50% of ALL mobile traffic in 2015
  • 93% of marketers are using video in their campaigns
  • 84% are using video for website marketing
  • 60% are using video for email marketing
  • 70% are optimizing video for search engines
  • 70% will increase spending on video
  • 82% confirmed that video had a positive impact on their business

Yes! I'm ready to be an authority in my niche, get and keep eyes on my videos, and Become Web Famous!

I understand that when I act now, I get instant access to The Video Authority - Mobile Phone Video Training System, including:
• How To Get More Eyes On Your Videos 
• The Absolute Best Way To Create Videos With Your Phone That Will Position You To
• Look Like The Boss In Your Niche 
• How To Have People Commenting, Sharing and Talking About Your Videos With Little Money Spent.  
• How to Create Videos That Crush  
I understand that I get all this value of over $3997...
But when you buy now you get a special price for action takers., 
you get everything for only $197!
To Your Success,
Christopher Perilli
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P.P.S. - But don't just take my word for it... take a look at these testimonials:

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Check Out The Engagement On Our Most Recent Video: 2.4 Million Views, 22,600 Likes, 1,300 Comments, and 9,100 Shares in 5 months.

Do not spend another minute frustrated or stressed out trying to create videos with your mobile phone. Get The Video Authority and get on the fast track to being a BOSS with your content video creation.




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