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Create Your Content With Story Telling For Maximum Engagement.

video marketing Oct 09, 2017

Planning is a crucial part of your video creation.

One really important part of your planning process is to include a good ample amount of story telling.

You want to tell a story with emotion and impact via either your own story or others stories.

Stories are the way we have communicated since the start of time.

It is how we are able to connect to each other in a human way.

We are able to empathize and feel what they will feel without the suffering of the scenario.

We get to live vicariously through others.

Human connection is the foundation of selling anything. Human connection is what makes us feel connected to one another.

When you use the power of story in your videos you keep the viewers brain working on the instinctual aspect of emotion and feelings.

This is where most sales come from.

Yet too many people try to make their videos analytical.

The lower end of the brain or the instinctual part of it makes decisions 7 seconds before your conscious does.

We as humans feel your way through a lot of things in life.

This is called hot cognition. When looking from the view of hot cognition people either love or disregard the message.

Cold cognition is done in the neocortex.

That part of the brain is highly sophisticated.

It is highly analytical and extraordinary with what it does.

Which is problem solve.

If your message gets kicked up to that part it moves away from emotion into analytical thinking.

And up there your message has a way less shot of getting heard. Because that part of your brain only analyzes without feeling it will never LOVE your video or message.

It will only agree or disagree with your case and facts presented.

Because of that we want to keep your videos and your marketing in the instinctual part as long as we can.

We do that by 3 things. Entertain, Inspire and Create Emotion Through Story.

If you can do 1 or all 3 of those things you will keep your message in the part of the brain that is run by emotion.

That is also where buying lives.

I am saying obviously you want to do this in a non manipulating way.

But if you can connect to people on an emotional level over an analytical level you will connect much better and hold their attention MUCH much longer.


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