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Creating freedom in your life with online business.

business online marketing video Oct 09, 2017

Having a life that you wake up every morning and are eternally grateful for is the main reason why I chose online business. 

Having the freedom to be and do what I choose when I choose it. Is the best thing I can ever ask for. It makes all of the tough times I and others who start businesses go through.

As an entrepreneur, no 2 days are the same.

One day I am working on videos, other sales funnel, one-day recording, another coaching calls and filming videos, other days on a set of shoots, in edit suites, at sound studios, or sitting by the pool with my laptop and a beer working.

The new freelance economy continues to boom.

A good portion of the workforce is independent contractors or freelance in some shape or form.

We have the incredible ability to live our life on our terms. We create the life we want. By design.

The world is moving fast.

This new freelance economy allows for a smarter, greener, and smaller carbon footprint for everyone.

Mom's can run blogs that make them 10k a month, kids are running million dollar business off youtube.

The future is very bright for this area of business.

It's going to continue to grow.

By 2020 it's expected to grow to 35% of the entire economy will be an independent contractor or freelance in some capacity.

Which really makes it the best time in history to "go out on your own".

I spent a long time freelancing. We have now built a solid team around many of the systems of our business. That is the next step.

Though being a freelancer, or an independent contractor has so many more upsides than it has downsides.

Sure there isn't the same certainty one has when they have a job.

But with the right planning and know how out of the gate you can set up something that generates a few dollars.

And I have learned if you can sell 10 dollars you can probably scale it to 100 dollars.

If you can sell 100 dollars worth you can probably get it to 1000 dollars.

If you can sell 1000 dollars worth of product you can scale it to however big you'd like and the market will bear.

It's really an amazing time to be alive.

There are times I go to parties or friendly gathers and explain what I do for a living. Because there are so many prongs to it. There is an actual service, but in front of that is an information business that drives profits AND leads.

People are amazed (STILL in 2017 people are in awe!) that you can make a living online.

Not just a living but make more money than you could ever make at a job and pretty much more money than any of the people you know who work at a job.

I worked at a job for a long time.

That isn't meant to sound braggadocios but to illuminate the possibilities in your mind. 

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