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Where video and online marketing is headed in 2018.

online marketing video Nov 24, 2017


Take a walk through any supermarket. Notice the 20 types of hair gel. 20 boxes of the same type of cereal. 20 different jars of butter. 8 different kinds of milk.

What's inside of those packages usually isn't very different. Maybe sometimes. And some of it can differentiate from each other.
But even those that do differentiate in product often make it very known they do with their branding.

Branding is where everything is going. High quality highly branded, highly produced and polished content and branding.

Having a congruent message across the board with what you are doing, along with high-quality video makes a huge difference in perception of the consumer.

Take a look at the top 30 trending videos on YT. All highly produced.
When a market gets saturated then what matters is how a consumer perceives you.

If you don't take care of your message and brand you can't expect others to take you seriously.

Look if you want to make money you have to spend money. It's that simple. You have to let money flow from you through you and back to you.

You can't with a straight face think others are going to buy from you if you don't show up in nice clothing. It's no longer ok to just put together anything.

Sure talking to the camera in a raw way is great. Notice how everyone now has the ability to make high-quality videos. It's going to be hard to compete if you aren't doing something different than everyone else.

If you aren't trying to raise your own bar. Most people struggle because they see their business expenses as business expenses rather than investments into themselves and their business.

Think about what you are gaining when spending money, don't think about what you are losing. Spend it right. Buy the right equipment, learn what to do or hire a professional to do it for you.

But stick to it like anything else. It's important to work on your craft and today it's important to be able to move a message across a medium (our medium is the internet) into peoples eyes, ears, and hearts.

Think about this. ONLY in the internet world can you put in 10,000 and get back 100,000, or 400,000. Nowhere else besides maybe drug dealing will you make an ROI like that. And sometimes with a straight face people who charge astronomical prices for masterminds want to pay NO money. That mentality will make you go broke.

Spend the time on building your message and brand, find the best equipment you can afford, find the best people you can pay and pay them to do a sick job for you. Anyone can record videos on their phone. Sometimes you need more. A better set up, a better set, a better look, better lighting. a better storytelling.

You need to let people know that you take this seriously.
That you are serious and you act like it.

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