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What I learned from using video in my first successful online product launch.

coaching group consulting online business Oct 09, 2017

A lot of people want to start making money online. But are kind of lost with it. 

Reasonably so, there is so much information out there. 

Believe me I understand all of the hesitations.

I had them all. I was there until I sought out coaches and information and groups to get me to where I wanted to be.

In the end you don't know what you don't know.

I remember my very first solo launch.

It was for one of my companies called Dojo Muscle. It was the summer of 2014. I remember this as me and my wife were in South beach. At the time I bought courses from Jeff Walker. So I put together a trailer of a back to school campaign we had.

It was called Ninja Focus.

And I did something no one in that industry ever did before. I created a movie trailer around my campaign launch. 

It was cool and animated and it was energetic and made to feel intense so that people would remember it. I remember the song we picked out it was an epic trailer track. The whole idea was to get attention from school owners and create a buzz. 

I never did this before so I just followed my intuition. It worked! 

I teased it out and built a pre-launch list.

I set up email sequences and from building products for clients for years I knew how to build interest and hype.

But I never really put it into play for myself until that point. Sure we were doing well with Dojo Muscle but it didn't hit it's tipping point just yet. 

Well it was about to! 

I had all the frustrations you probably have now.

Not enough time, Not knowing which way to go, not knowing do I build a big launch or a small one, do I do pro videos or white board videos, do I discount or not, arghh.

The stuff can be absolutely maddening.

So this time was different. I built the funnel. I ran through all of the stuff I learned. I built the collateral. And then it came to launch day. I was ready.

If you've ever done a product launch you know that dreaded moment.

Where you have tested it all out.

You checked the auto responders and sequences 20 times and you are just ready to hit send and post. And your hands are sweating. And you are doubting yourself.

We all go through it.

Finally you muster up the courage to press send and then wait. And wait. So I pressed send. And put out a post on Facebook. I tell Jess "let's go get a drink". Because I couldn't manage to deal with the impending failure that was about to happen in my mind. Or so I thought. 

I walked out of the room thinking, well it's in fate's hand now. 

So we are at The Sugar Factory on Ocean Drive and we are enjoying these highly sugar alcohol beverage that was the size of a bowling ball.

All of a sudden ding.

Sale 1. Ding ding. 2 and 3. Ding 4. 5. 10. 15. At this point the phone is going ding ding ding ding ding.

I looked up at Jess literally with tears in my eyes. She's asks "Are those sales?"

I said YES. We did it!!!!! Ding ding ding.

The phone didn't stop for 7 days. At the end of it all we did 23,000 in 7 days.

By no means the biggest launch ever. But I only had a 600 person email list at the time and it was a super small niche market.

I then joined John Spencer Ellis Mastermind Group and my business really took off.

Since then I have had mentors and been a part of mastermind groups or accountability groups since. It's super important to get with people who are doing it or done it already. And to get with like minded people.

I knew right there I had the recipe for success from the other side of things. I've done it for so many people already. But to put it into action for yourself is the best feeling in the world.

I've created products for people that have gone on to sell 200k first week. 500k by end cart. We have done this many times. 

I learned having passive income is better than trading time for money.

It’s where everyone needs to be at. 

And with the right guidance I believe everyone can.

I've learned you have to really know your audience well. Not just think you know them. You have to field a lot of questions and learn a lot of their pains because it is those answers that will help you craft processes for them to escape that pain. 

I've learned you can have the best video but if your messaging is off or confusing people won't buy. 

I've learned you should spend as much time as you can on understanding sales and marketing because it transfers to all businesses everywhere. 

And most of all I learned that you have to have FUN doing it! 

I know I can help a ton of people get through the stress and frustration of creating and launching products to getting to the other side of seeing real results because i've done it felt the pain, the struggle and I succeeded.

The problem is most of us aren't accountable to ourselves.

We often need others to help push us there

If you are struggling with creating, finishing, marketing and launching your video informational product I get it.

I have started an accountability mastermind group to help shorten the time to get the results you want with your video products and launches. It's called Video Muscle. If you are looking to get results with your videos and online marketing become a member

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